(c) 2009, Timothy P. Bete and Cap'n Billy "The Butcher" MacDougall

Guide to Pirate Parenting

Cap'n Billy "The Butcher" MacDougall's
The hysterically funny parody of parenting advice books
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Avast ye scurvy dog, me publisher's ship sank leaving me marooned with no way to sell me book. Rather than see me book scuttled, I've decided to give away the e-book version of GUIDE TO PIRATE PARENTING for free! Just click here to get yer free copy in PDF format. It's the entire book, no strings attached.

If ye like GUIDE TO PIRATE PARENTING, I'd appreciate yer tossing a few gold coins me way. Think of it as a donation to the SOCIETY TO PREVENT PIRATE SOBRIETY. And not just MY sobriety. Ye may not know that more than 10% of all pirates go to bed sober every night. That's a tragedy that you can help prevent. Your donation isn't tax deductable. And it will likely be spent quickly at a local tavern or perhaps gambling establishment. But you'll have the warm feeling of having helped someone. And I'll have the warm feeling of rum in me belly.

Suggested donations:
   1 ration of rum:       $3
   2 rations of rum:     $6
   3 rations of rum:     $9
100 rations of rum: $300

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